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Naples Rug Washing Company, formerly Belmonte Rug Salon, is a family owned and operated business that has been serving south Florida for more than 12 years. Owners, Anthony & Shannon Belmonte, started out as a full-service carpet & tile cleaning business, but developed a love for Oriental and area rugs and decided to start a new chapter of our business. One that focuses on quality over quanity, superior customer service, and lots and lots of education.


We listened to our customers about the need for a specialty company to take care of the fine Oriental and area rugs here in Naples. We did extensive research, and acquired the necessary training to properly take care of your rugs. Education is an ongoing process here. We continually learn about newer, safer, better procedures and techniques.


At Naples Rug Washing Company, we understand the value of the carefully selected rugs in your home. Whether your rugs are of heirloom quality or not, you spent a lot of time selecting just the right looks for your home. Properly washing and repairing your rugs routinely will keep them looking as good as the day you brought them home for many years to come.


We wash and repair a large variety of rugs, from throw rugs to museum quality, from all over the world. Our careful wash process is completely hands on and safe for synthetic, wool, cotton, silk ans many other specialty fibers.


The most appropriate cleaning process will be determined after a careful and through pre-inspection of your rugs. WE NEVER WASH YOUR RUGS WITH OTHER RUGS. We never use wash tubs that use the same water to wash hundreds of rugs, we use fresh clean water on every rug one at a time. This process completely eliminates the possibility of cross contamination of pet urine or fugitive dyes from other rugs on to yours. Naples Rug Washing Company is committed to taking the individual time and care that each rug deserves.


Our method of cleaning mimics the way that rugs have been cleaned for hundred of years. People used to hang rugs and beat them with sticks to remove all of the loose soils embedded deep in them. We turn them upside down and run a machine over the back of them to beat all of the soil out of them. Then they would take them down to the river side and float them in the cold water letting them roll over the rocks to remove the soil. We give them a cold water bath by letting clean cold water run over them while we use special machines over them to clean them deep down. Then they would take them to the rocks to let them dry. We squeeze as much water out as possible and then hang them in a controlled enviroment with air moving all around them until they are completely dry. At that time, we put all of the finishing touches on the fringe, groom them out, and they are ready to be returned to you, back in their original state.

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